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sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

Code Lyoko (eng)

Code Lyoko is a french animated TV series who has been created in 2003 by Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain, produced by Antefilms during the first season and Moonscoop the others.

Jeremy Bellpoix, a highly gifted boy of 12 or 11 years old, was looking for cables and electrical and electronic parts for making his robots when he found a giant computer. After thinking it, he decides to turn on the machine. He goes up, to the screen room and he see a girl in the middle of the screen called Maya (because they don't know her real name). He discovers that this supercomputer generate a virtual world called Lyoko, who is controlled by an I.A. virus called XANA, who can attack our world across the towers in Lyoko, a pass between the two worlds. The same night, when he is at his room, his robots became controlled by XANA and try to attack him. Another boy, Ulrich Stern, who has left his room (shared with Odd Della Robbia) because his companion's dog (dogs are prohibited in their institute, Kadic) has broke his bed, pass front of Jeremy's room and listen his screams. He goes in and see all the robots. Ulrich kick a robot and, suddenly, the attack finishes. Jeremy understand that he can't lie to Ulrich and decides show him the supercomputer. At the beginning, Ulrich doesn't believe in all the story, but when Jeremy show him the scanners, and say that he need a cobaya to try to virtualize it in Lyoko, Ulrich heads to kadic to take Kiwi (Odd's dog), but when he's leaving his room, Jeremy call him by the mobile phone, Odd wakes up ans starts to pursue him. While he's running, runs into Sissy, the director's daughter, who loves Ulrich. Sissy goes with Odd, and they two arrive to the factory in the moment that Ulrich has deposed Kiwi in a scanner. Odd arrives and catch Kiwi. In this moment, Jeremy start to scan Kiwi, but he jump off the scanner and Odd get virtualized. Jeremy say to Ulrich that he has to go to Lyoko to help him, and Ulrich get virtualized too. XANA attacks one more time, but they obtain to neutralize it. The following day, XANA attacks and send to them an energy ball. Jeramy calls Ulrich, who was practising Pencak Silat (a martial art) with Yumi Ishiyama, a japanese pupil, and they talk of the supercomputer and XANA's attack. Yumi listen they and say to Ulrich she's going to the factory. Ulrich accedes. Yumi also get virtualized, and Maya finally obtains to deactivate the tower, where she learns her real name: Aelita. Jeremy
promises to Aelita that he will try to materialize her.

First season: All the episodes look alike: XANA actives a tower, they deactivate it and they make a return to the past, except some of them, where Jeremy advances in Aelita's materialization. At the last of this season, Jeremy obtains to materialize her (#25: Code Earth) but when they're going to turn off the supercomputer, Aelita faints away. Jeremy makes her a sacnning and discovers that Aelita has a virus, implanted by XANA, because of which they can't turn off the computer.

Second season:
The graphics of Lyoko improve, and also they of the real world. They discover a new territory (the others were the desert, the forest, the ice sector and the mountain): the 5th territory or Carthage, where XANA lives anf where they can get all the data they want. They arrive there by the transporter, a sphere of Lyoko who can go to Carthage. The Scyphozoa, a new monster, appears, and try to take Aelita's memory a lot of times, not only in the fifth sector, also in the others. In this season, Odd has a hover skateboard called Overboard, Ulrich a one-wheeled motorcycle which sometimes fly called Overbike, and Yumi a hover scooter called Overwing. Aelita usually go in Yumi's vehicle. At the last of the season, Jeremy finds at the fifth sector a thing who can elliminate Aelita's virus. It results a trap, and te Scyphozoa gets her memory(#52: The Key). XANA is now free: they can turn off the supercomputer, but XANA will be alive.

Third season: Now, XANA is free, and will try to destroy Lyoko. Our friends discover Lyoko's core, the nucleum of Lyoko. If it's destroyed, Lyoko will disappear. The Scyphozoa reappears, and take control of Aelita. This time, the utility of the Scyphozoa is control Aelita to make her destroy Lyoko's territories. The forest disappears, after the desert, the ice sector (this one has to been destroyed voluntarily to repare a computer's problem. Jeremy, who see that all the territories will disappear, try to make a program to virtualize directly at Carthage. It doesn't work (#62: Nobody in particular), and when XANA destroys the mountain, Jeremy get a message of Franz Hopper, Aelita's father, who is in the mundial net, with the 5th sector virtualization program. For fortify their team, they decide to get William Dunbar (another Yumi's pretendent) in the band. It results an error: XANA get control of him, and destroys Lyoko's core (#64: Final Round). William gets lost in the net, and Lyoko get destroyed.

Fourth season: Aelita and Jeremy discover than Lyoko is not lost at all. They recreate the fifth sector, with a new image of it from outside, and William returns to Earth(#66: William Returns). It appears that he's normal, but they discover that he's controlled by XANA. They neutralize him, and they discover that XANA has taken control of him without activating any tower. In this season, their Lyoko's outfits change a lot and improve, and also their normal world clothes. Jeremy and Aelita create a submarine for travelling into the digital sea, the Skidbladnir. They discover that XANA, serving of Aelita's memory, has created a lot of "Replikas", portions of Lyoko, in the net, generated by others supercomputers controlled by XANA (#73:Replika). They can be virtualized in the real world, near of the supercomputer of each Replika, with a program called Teleportation. They start to destroy all of them, but they realize that they are lots of Replikas. Jeremy and Aelita find a program to take William back, and another for destroy XANA. While they are getting William back (#93: Down to Earth), a new monster of XANA, the Colossus, who is giant, destroys the Skidbladnir. But they have William.
In the episode #94: Fight to the Finish, Franz Hopper gives up his life to destroy XANA. The last episode, #95: Echoes, there's a discussion about turning off the supercomputer. There's a video of the best moment of each one of them. Finally, they turn it off.

Fifth season: Has to been confirmed yet. Enter to Code lyoko season 5 and vote!


Kankrelats: Little monsters who shot with small power but a lot of times.
Hornets: They are bees who fly very fast and are very difficult to kill.
Bloks: They have a rock armor in teh body except in the place where they shot, they weak point.
Krabs: They are like a real overgrown crab, but without pinces. They have the XANA's eye in the top.
Megatanks: Rolling spheres who attack with a shock wave. Their XANA's eye is into them. The rest is a giant metal armor.
Tarantulas: This monsters have two arms to shoot, and their XANA's eye is really difficult to touch.
Creepers: Monsters of Carthage, they have two legs and a nail body. They are very easy to destroy, but the problem is that almost ever are in a big group.
Mantas: 5th sector. Flying mantas who have the XANA's eye in the top. They leave sometimes Carthage. They can shot or leave mines.
Colossus: Giant monster with two XANA's eyes: one in the face and another in one of their arms, that one that is a sword. Ulrich, at the episode #94, obtains to destroy it.
Scyphozoa: Jellyfish the tentacles of whom catch Aelita to take her memory. In the episode #76: The Lake, it attacks to the Skidbladnbir to destroy its shields.
Digital Sea monsters:
Kalamar: It only appears at the episode #88: Cousins Once Removed, and serves to drill the Skid.
Kongers: They are like piranhas. They are very fast and maneubrable. They shot lasers.
Sharks: Little sharks. They shot torpedoes. It's the digital sea monster most seen.

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